This account is designed and attractively packaged for workers in Government, Public and Private Institutions whose salaries route through YARB.

  • You can open salary account with any amount.
  • Cashless accounts may be allowed for institutional schemes.
  • Free SMS alert on all transactions.
  • Salary loans at a very reduced rate
  • Loan duration up to 5 years
  • Credit line with a competitive interest rate with a duration up to 6 months
  • Interest free Salary Advance available
  • Loan insurance cover against death and permanent disability

A current account is an account for day-to-day use. Two or more people can set up a current account together and call it a joint account. It works like a current account, except each person has a cheque-book and card.

  • Cheque book provided
  • Customer can withdraw cash on demand
  • Minimal commission on turnover (COT)
  • Provides access to loans and overdrafts
  • SMS alert services provided on all deposits and withdrawals

A small opening balance required, no notice of withdrawal needed and no need to ensure that regular payments are made. Savings accounts produce a steady and certain return.



  • Customer makes deposits on any working day
  • Accounts attract interest quarterly at a rate which varies with minimum balance maintained and other industry indicators.
  • Customized savings withdrawal book provided upon request
  • SMS alert services provided on all deposits and withdrawal transactions
  • Door step banking provided by dedicated Sales executives.

This innovative product allows people with small cash holdings and those who find it difficult to leave their homes and work places the unique opportunity to save with the bank.

  • Customer makes deposit with any amount.
  • Door step banking provided by dedicated Sales Executives
  • Has been the industry’s standard dummy
  • Accounts attract interest quarterly periodically at a rate which varies with minimum balance maintained and other industry indicators.
  • Eligible for Susu loan after 30 days of contribution.

Loan insurance cover against death and permanent disability

A Savings Account that can only be opened by parents and guardians in trust for their children or wards, to save towards the child’s personal and educational upkeep. All that one requires is to have an account with us and he or she can run this investment account towards the wellbeing of their children.

  • High interest yielding investment account on behalf of children and wards.
  • No commission on turn over (COT).
  • No account maintenance fee.
  • Investment to be maintained for a minimum of three (3) years.

Transfer of money to every nook and cranny of Ghana made possible through over 144   RCBs countrywide, the single biggest network of banks so far. It is fast, safe and convenient. International Money Transfer: Receive your foreign remittances from any of our branch’s courtesy of Western Union, Money Gram etc.

Services Packages;

  • YARB Mobile
  •  E – zwich
  •  Mobile Money
  • Western Union
  • iDeposit

This account accounts’ is specially designed to assist new and existing church for effective savings habit and interest bearing.



  • You would be given cheque books
  • Unlimited withdrawal rates
  • You can access other loans with this account.
  • A legally Registered documents covering the Church/Institution
  • A valid ID (National ID) for all signatories
  • 1 passport-size picture
  • Completed account opening form


This account is specially designed for women in the SME market to build up the habit of savings and could access loan facility to argument their working capital.



  • Minimum of GHS 10 to open the account
  • Access loan facility after three months of account operations
  • An interest-bearing account
  • Discounted interest rate on loans and overdrafts
  • Same features as savings account
  • Free Withdrawal booklet

We are introducing a new banking product called YARB Special Account. Customers can withdraw unlimited amount as well as earn interest daily on the remaining balance. Special Account can be as a personal or Corporate Account at any of our branches.



  • Initial deposit of GHS 200.00 and operational balance of   GHS 20,000.00 for Individual Current Accounts.
  • Initial deposit of GHS 500.00 and operational balance of GHS 50,000.00 for Corporate Current Accounts.
  • No COT is charged on the account
  • Unlimited withdrawal
  • Can transfer to other account
  • Free e-Alert
  • Free Monthly e-Statement

Family Banking is a product in YARB Bank that allows individual members in a family to group all their respective accounts under one Family Savings Account Name or Family Id. These accounts can be Savings Account, Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit. All you have to do is link you family members’ accounts with your Privilege Savings Account. You need to maintain a lower minimum monthly average balance at the family level.



  • One Family Savings Account,
  • Routine transactions such as bill payments,
  • Help your entire family enjoy the advantages of our special services
  • Funeral expenditures and emergency financial assistance to the family ie School fees and medicals